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Case Study: Bon Secours

Employees receive Microsoft training in convenient at-the-workplace classes

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For the last few years, TCC’s Center for Workforce Solutions has offered Bon Secours employees convenient, one-day Microsoft training classes at their acute care hospitals across the region. Lauren White, in the Organization Development and Education division at Bon Secours, said this training simply wouldn’t be as successful or even possible without the flexibility of CWS to come to their location. “In our industry, with shift work and with employees scattered across the region at various locations, this would be impossible. The arrangement with TCC is so great – they travel to our labs and we can communicate directly with the instructors.”

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Classes on specific components of Microsoft Office are offered every other month at the computer labs at Bon Secours. Hundreds of their employees have undergone the training, none of whom are required to do so, but who continue to take the classes because, in the words of one student, “The class is really fun!”

The classes are scheduled around employee’s work days and are held in four hour, one-day increments. White says that being a nonprofit organization, their employee’s time, and their tight budget are of the upmost importance. “For what we pay, we get a great product, both in the quality of the classes and the instructors.” White says they will continue to use TCC’s Center for Workforce Solutions for this training as it’s more cost effective than trying to put the training together themselves.

In addition to their on-the-job training, Bon Secours also uses the Center for Workforce Solutions in Suffolk for their Leadership Training courses. These are courses Bon Secours puts together and teaches, but they find the Center to be more convenient for their Leaders. White says “it’s a central location and where it’s located in Hampton Roads is wonderful since we have leaders from the Peninsula to Virginia Beach. The staff is friendly and helpful and everyone really enjoys the water views.”

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