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Summer Camps

College and Career Exploration Summer Camps at TCC

How will you keep the joy and momentum of learning for your students going once the school year ends? Consider the new array of summer camps at TCC!

Once again, we will feature Black Rocket camps – in person and online.
“The magic in every student comes to life as never before when they are empowered to be as creative as they were all born to be! Black Rocket has over twenty years of experience designing courses in the S.T.E.A.M fields. Every program is powered by the child’s innate imagination and designed to bring their ideas to life in a fun, hands-on learning environment. All Black Rocket programs mirror real-life experiences and the collaborative nature of the design process. Students will work in pairs or teams for in-room programs in a COVID-safe way. Online classes provide a more independent experience, but with an emphasis on peer-to-peer feedback to enhance the creative process.” 

Camp Schedule and Registration

See all camps with links to descriptions and registration here!

Additional vendors include:

  • Technology Ed with Robotics and Cartoon Art
  • SheEO with “BuildHER Mini Camp
  • Mrs. George with “Show Me the Money . . .”
  • Ms. Simonelli with College Essay Writing
  • Ms. Smalls with STEMLighten: Invention Challenge
  • There is also a grant-funded Summer STEM program.

You will be asked to create a PROFILE for your child or sign in with last year’s profile. In creating the profile, use the CHILD’S information, not yours, except for email. Use an email that will be checked daily.

Once again, the RELEASE FORMS are attached to registration. Select the blue link to the Summer Camp 2024 Release Forms and complete them online. When asked if you completed the forms, answer YES if you did and NO if you did not. If you did not complete them, select the link and then answer YES. When registering for all other camps, just answer YES. Students are not allowed to stay in camp until we have the release forms on file. 

Both the PROFILE and the RELEASE FORMS are completed just ONCE for the summer.

Please pay online rather than calling in your registration. If you would need a refund for any reason, your payment can easily be refunded to your credit card if you registered online. If you pay by phone, you will have to submit a W9 and get your refund by check.

As in years past, there is a $5 discount per camp if you register before May 31.

We look forward to a great summer camp season in 2024! Please share this information with your network who may be interested.