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Case Study: Sumitomo Machinery Corporation

High-tech training as well as “soft skills” and customer service classes

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Diane Newell is the Learning and Development Coordinator at Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America, a subsidiary of Sumitomo Heavy Industries (SHI), one of the largest manufacturers of machinery in Japan, and a global leader in power transmission knowledge and innovation.

Newell was looking for continuous training on the benefits, features, and capabilities of their gear reducers and controls. Sumitomo Design and Application Engineers utilize the newest CAD software available and have attended Auto CAD classes at TCC. Sumitomo welders have taken welding classes at TCC as well. In 2011 Sumitomo and TCC’s Center for Workforce Solutions introduced two major Leadership and Development events: “Knock Your Socks Off Customer Service” training for all Customer Service Reps and a Leadership Development Series for their managers to concentrate on core skill sets required to be a successful leader.

Newell says “Once the training needs were identified, TCC-CWS was able to react with speed and agility, quickly piecing together curricula in the learning fields we required. We have experimented with different technology and that is always risky. However, we will continue to work with TCC-CWS to research better ways to scale our training efforts and provide more efficient and far-reaching results for every dollar spent. Employee evaluations have been excellent. The content is relevant to them and the instructors are engaging.”

Newell also explains that the training didn’t just increase employee’s skills; an added benefit was that the employees have bonded through the training and departmental silos have started to come down. The employees enjoy and appreciate the time they spend learning together. “TCC-CWS is easy on the L&D budget, and offers the flexibility and customization that best fits our needs. Their staff listens to our needs. Our employees and the TCC instructors are on a first-name basis. Our employees actually get excited when they see one of the instructors at Sumitomo!”

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