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Attract and retain veterans

The knowledge, skills and abilities today’s veterans gain in our modern military make them an extremely valuable talent pool for employers wishing to grow and improve organizational performance

Virginia Values Veterans logoVirginia Values Veterans – known as V3 – is a program under the state Department of Veterans Services that helps employers understand, design and implement nationally recognized best practices in recruiting, hiring and retaining veterans.

The V3 program educates, trains, connects and certifies its companies at no cost to the employer. Yes, it’s free! Why not take advantage of subject matter experts’ knowledge on how to build a better workforce with Virginia’s veterans?

The V3 Program offers hundreds of hours of free employer training per year to companies throughout the commonwealth and in convenient live online training seminars.

Whether your company wants training on how veterans can help your business or needs resources and assistance connecting with veterans, the V3 program is for you!

V3 Employment Grant

Virginia invests in companies that have committed to hiring veterans.

In 2015, the General Assembly unanimously appropriated $500,000 for the purposes of establishing an employment grant for V3-certified employers.

Businesses may qualify for up to $10,000 in grants, with $1,000 being awarded per eligible veteran hired.

In order to qualify for the V3 Employment Grant, your company must:

  • be a for-profit business
  • be a V3-certified company
  • have fewer than 301 employees under common control, at time of grant application


Become a V3-certified company

Visit the official V3 website to learn more about the program and to become certified. 

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