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Financial assistance

Nothing says you’re ready to do the job like industry-approved credentials. But if cost is a barrier, TCC’s Center for Workforce Solutions offers financial assistance to qualifying individuals through 2 state-funded programs.

Workforce Financial Assistance

This program – known as FANTIC – provides funding for eligible adults who want to obtain an industry-recognized credential or license through an approved workforce training program.

To be eligible, you must

  • be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen
  • live in Virginia for at least 1 year
  • have earned a high school diploma or GED certificate
  • be in compliance with Selective Service requirements
  • not be enrolled in an associate or bachelor’s program
  • enroll in a pre-approved workforce credential program
  • be ineligible for other forms of tuition assistance, including employer funds or any state or federal programs
  • demonstrate financial need


This financial aid will pay for 90% of the cost for an approved workforce training program. Qualifying students will need to pay the 10% student portion at the time of registration.

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New Virginia Economy Workforce Credential Grant

This General Assembly-funded Workforce Credential Grant (WCG) enables eligible students to attain an industry credential at 1/3 the cost – if you complete the course and pass it. And you can achieve success in weeks, not months.

The grants offset the cost of tuition on select, high-demand credential programs. They are available to Virginia residents who meet Virginia domicile requirements.


TCC programs currently available for WCG

Certified Clinical Medical Assistant
Full cost: $3,210
Your WCG cost: $1,070

Medical Billing and Coding
Full cost: $3,099
Your WCG cost: $1,033

Certified Professional Coder Exam Prep
Full cost: $1,063
Your WCG cost: $354

Alternative Licensure for Public School Teachers (Career-Switcher Program)
​Full cost: $3,900
Your WCG cost: $1,300

Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Full cost: $897
Your WCG cost: $299

CompTIA A+*
Full cost: $1,485
Your WCG cost: $495

CompTIA Security+*
Full cost: $1,340
Your WCG cost: $447

CompTIA Network+*
Full cost: $1,310
Your WCG cost: $437

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)*
Full cost: $2,645
Your WCG cost: $882



What is expected of you

Those participating in this program will be expected to regularly attend and participate in all classes AND successfully attain the designated credential or licensure at the end of the program.

If the cost of the exam is included in the tuition, it will be covered by the grant.

What you will pay

Participants are responsible for paying the first 1/3 of the course cost at the time of registration. Upon your successful completion of the course and the credential, WCG will pay the other 2/3. The maximum value of each grant is $3,000 per credential. If you don’t complete and pass the course, you will be responsible for an additional 1/3 of the cost.

If you can’t afford the first 1/3

The Workforce Financial Assistance program is available to those meeting certain eligibility requirements, including income. If you qualify, you would pay only 10% of the up-front cost. For example, if 1/3 of the course cost is $300, you would pay $30.

Who can participate in the WCG program

You are eligible for the WCG program if you:

  • Are a Virginia-domiciled resident (What’s domicile?)
  • Not enrolled in a bachelor’s or associate program
  • Have met Selective Service requirements


Policy on awarding funds
  • Student recipients are selected on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Students are required to report complete the course/program and are required to report receipt of an industry credential
  • Students are required to pay 10% of one third of the training costs
  • Awards are used only for approved WCG credential programs and testing
  • Award amounts are based solely on institutional charges to the student (no personal expenses, transportation, child care)
  • Annual maximum award per student shall be $5,000
  • A student who fails to successfully complete a funded program of study is ineligible for additional awards. The student may submit an appeal to TCC for unusual or mitigating circumstances.
  • The student will complete a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreeing to repay the first one third of the total program cost in the event the program is not satisfactorily completed. The MOU shows the exact breakdown or total cost, one third, and 10% payment required upon registration
  • If a student fails to successfully the complete a funded program, the student will be invoiced to repay the first third of the total cost of the program
  • If a student fails to pass the credentialing test, then the student is to pay for additional testing
  • If a student does not take the credential test within 120 days after completing the program, TCC will not pay for the credential exam.


Register now

Look for WCG-eligible courses in TCC’s online registration system.

If you are using the WCG to pay for your class and qualify for financial assistance, please call 757-822-1234 before registering


Call 757-822-1234, email us, or visit us at 7000 College Drive, Suffolk, VA.

You can also contact Dr. Emily Richardson at 757-822-1505 to set up an appointment.

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