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Maritime & transportation

Turn your passion into a career

Maritime careers are one of the fastest growing and highest demand jobs in Hampton Roads. Due to an aging workforce and few incoming workers, people who get training in maritime industries can expect a robust job market.

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Trucking & transportation

CDL drivers are in high demand in this transportation-centric area. Earn your commercial driver's license in just a few weeks and start your career in the trucking industry. 

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Vessel & boat

Become a Captain, upgrade your Captain's license and receive other U.S. Coast Guard approved certificates such as radar, sailing, assistance towing and safety.

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For military-related students

The Center for Military and Veterans Education (CMVE) provides career coaching and transition services for veterans and their families to help translate military experience into a civilian career.

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Financial assistance

Nothing says you’re ready to do the job like industry-approved credentials. But if cost is a barrier, TCC might be able to help.

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